After a night of fun, a day of breakouts

xChange took the night off last evening.  The xTravaganza at Studio 54 was a rollicking party, with a crowded dance floor, fun food, Andy Warhol, John Travolta, the Village People and happy xChangers.  Want to see pictures?  Check out my Tweets.

End-to-end breakouts make up today’s final day schedule, some three dozen sessions in all.  Most attendees will then head home, while many will stay for the intensive training sessions occurring here the rest of the week.

Unfortunately I have to jet off to Boston today for the Forrester Application Development & Delivery Forum tomorrow and Friday.  While I’m looking forward to learning a lot there, I’m sad to leave xChange early.

But I fly off knowing that xChange is well and truly back, and so is Serena.

David Hurwitz is SVP of Worldwide Marketing at Serena Software.

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