Huge Healthcare Company in Tip-Top Shape with App Orchestration

stethoscopeI’ve been on the road meeting and talking to Serena customers.  It’s always great to get first-hand feedback from actual users of our solutions.  What’s even better is when you find out how we’ve helped a customer solve some major application development challenges.  I recently visited one of the largest healthcare companies in the United States.  Their business is to work with their customer base of corporations, consumers, pharmacists and nurses and help them manage billions of prescriptions, medical claims and clinical visits each year.  You can only imagine how robust their technology needs are.

Here’s what they were faced with:

  • Tools for project management, testing, and software modeling operating in virtual silos.
  • Manual compilation of information across different systems.
  • An error-prone process for communicating the latest status to management.

This Fortune 100 healthcare company needed a way to orchestrate all of its disparate software teams, processes and tools together – essentially, orchestrate the entire application development process from initial project request to ongoing support.  The cure was thinking process orchestration first and systems second.  Serena helped them implement process automation and integration, requirements traceability across the development lifecycle and real-time enterprise dashboards.  The result was a 50% improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of their application development process.

Now that’s a successful customer visit!

Ashley Owen is the Director of Product Marketing for SBM, Dimensions RM, and Dimensions CM at Serena Software. Ash has worked at Serena Software for more than 25 years and is passionate about solving application delivery problems spanning demand, development, and deployment.

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