The Most Important Application Lifecycle Management Initiative

Serena was a sponsor at the Gartner AADI Summit, where we took a survey of over a hundred Application Development (AD) and IT managers and professionals. I posted about the top AD priorities before. Now we look at the most important initiatives.

89% of the respondents rated all of the options “important.” But what was the most important?

Managing application as a business process wins out. 75% rated it very important or extremely important. 28% rate it extremely important.

The graph below shows the different initiatives and how people rated their importance.

Top ALM initiatives

Adam FranklAdam Frankl is the VP of Corporate and Community Marketing at Serena Software. He has over 20 years’ experience in the software development world, starting as a software engineer at the Lockheed Skunk Works. Before joining Serena, he was Director of Marketing for Rational Rose and the UML. He is also the founder and former editor of The Rational Edge and Dr. Dobbs Requirements Development Journal.

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