ALM from Demand to Deployment

MusicColleen Frye at SearchSoftwareQuality has a great post on extending ALM to Deployment. She interviews Gartner’s Tom Murphy and Forrester’s Dave West on integrating Release Management with Application Lifecycle Management. She also interviews Mark Pfefferman at Western & Southern Financial Group, who is using [Serena] SBM extensively to glue everything together. We have streamlined the orchestration process,” Mark says, from initial request all the way through to deployment and delivery of software.” 

Mark continues and offers this advice: 

  • It’s a big problem to tackle.
  • Look for an automation tool that makes sense.
  • It’s critical to have the development staff on board.
  • It can be difficult to get the deployment team involved.
  • Put a skilled developer on the deployment team.

Read the article on (registration required). It’s worth your time.

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